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Computer work in Tanzania
Why do such hospitals in Tanzania need computers?
Well, lots and lots of patients visit the hospital every day and wait for treatment.
They all have to queue at the main reception of the hospital...
...and they cause a lot of manual data management work.
Finally, the patient data is stored in shelves, where patient records are inserted, retrieved and updated manually. This is often inefficient. Moreover, necessary statistics can be derived quickly and reliably using computers. The computer also supports other administrative tasks like bookkeeping, payroll accounting, etc. 

The very first computer at Nyangao Hospital...
...and Mr. Yassini was one of the first to use it for in- and outpatient statistics.
Two of the Benedictine sisters learning how to use the computer.
The number of computers in Tanzanian missionary hospitals is constantly growing.
Sr. Teresita and her staff use computers for the administration of the Ndanda Hospital.

Conventional radio call equipment is quite common for voice communication in rural Tanzania due to a lack of telephone lines. Such radios can be connected to computers using a so-called PACTOR, which allows for low cost wireless email. (The little box to the left of the screen is the PACTOR)